Fresh Air.

As much as I can’t stand Long Island or New York in general, some days and places make up for all of the craziness.  Everyone (should) have a happy place. Or person or thing.  We should all have that thing that refreshes us.

My happy place happens to be Argyle Lake, in Babylon, New York. Don’t get me wrong I have a full list of nouns; people, places and things, that matter me happy. But, no matter what time of day,the temperature or event that is going on here, this place never fails. Full disclosure, this place is not the fanciest lake but good vibes are constantly being thrown around, with the wind blowing in my hair.

Typically, when I come here, I like to walk around the lake a few times. I’ll usually pass the same couple walking the adorable dogs, that I cant help but stop and pet, a few times and the older man/woman doing their fast walk/slow jog once or twice.  No matter who or what I run into, I take it all in.  My favorite is wedding pictures. Sometimes when you go there on a Saturday or Sunday, you’ll catch a wedding party taking bridal pictures. Everyone is just so … Happy. Beautiful. Refreshed.

After I walk, I sit on my favorite bench for a little bit to regroup.  On the north side of the lake, they have 3 benches. I like to sit in the middle one. For some reason this spot makes me feel like I’m in the center of the world, but no one is looking at me. No one is expecting anything from me. Sometimes I listen to music and stare at the lake, other times I just listen to the quiet and observe everyone and everything around me.  See, mental health is very important to me, so,  for the hour that I spend here per visit, it pushes all the negativity out and beings abundant amounts of positivity in.

There is no smell.  It’s pure. By the time I leave here, I feel refreshed. I feel rejuvenated.  I feel replenished.

Most times, there is a gust of wind or a slight breeze. It is never still.  I feel like figuratively the wind is there for the exact reason as above:

it pushes all the negativity out and beings abundant amounts of positivity in.

No matter where you are in life. No matter the situation, always find something to be grateful for each day.  Little things. A simple place, like Argyle Lake, has changed my life forever.

That’s all folks. Namaste. Samantha.








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