525,600 minutes. 31,536,000 seconds. 1 year. That seems like a big number to us, but is it? Halfway through each year, I constantly hear (and say) “I can’t believe this years halfway over already!” Mid-September rolls around and we say “I can’t believe its October already.” Next thing you know, your making New Year’s Resolutions.  Are we taking full advantage of our years, even when they go by quickly? Or are we just letting them fly by. 

525,600 minutes. This time last year, my career was just starting to take off.  I was working with a great team…. family. We were learning new things everyday. Creating goals together. Having lunch together.  Spending most of our time together.  Holiday parties. Lunches (Sometimes dinner.) We cried together, laughed together, learned together. We sang, danced and even shouted, on occasion. I owe a lot of my success to this group of people.  Fast forward, 525,600 minutes later. I now work with another fantastic group of people. Now, I am learning teaching, creating goals helping others create goals, eating all day, having lunch, and eating more. Now, I am making a difference. I was making a difference before, but now the results are more prominent.  We cry together, laugh (a lot) and learn (a lot.) We sing, dance and shout. Day in and day out.  You see, 31,536,000 is a really large number, but if you do nothing with it, it’s just a number.  Take advantage of this time because you just may see a difference.

When I first had Christina (my daughter), everyone kept telling me to enjoy the time I have while shes young because before I know it, she won’t be a baby anymore.  Let me tell you, it’s happening.  Mind you, shes only 3 1/2 but these years flew.  Everyday, I watch her grow more and more, into an independent human being. The only thing I can do is enjoy every moment. I cherish every waking and sleeping moment we spend together. You know those “On this day…” posts on Facebook? Well… almost everyday, I get a notification of 1-3 years ago today and 90% of them are pictures or posts about Christina. Her first days of life. The car ride home.  Tummy time. Nap time as an infant.  Sleeping in the car. Holding her bottle for the first time.  First day of daycare. Having baby food for the first time.  The events are endless.  I remember this like it was yesterday. Most of it was over 1 million minutes ago.  1 million minutes! Fast forward again… Now we take videos and pictures together. I take pictures and videos of her and she (tries) to take pictures and videos of me! HAHA! Singing in the car. Dancing at home.  Hour long baths. Building forts. Walking around the lake. Cooking together.  Talking about “life” as a preschooler.  Crying together. Tickling each other. Laughing…all…the…time. Watching Trolls 3 times a day. Cherish every moment because you will never get this moment again.

Time also heals. (Sometimes) This time last year, I was just getting out of a toxic relationship with someone I had known for a decent amount of time. The specific detail of the relationship fail is not relevant, but it is important for you to know there was a lot of damage done.  I never thought I’d be the same.  It took me 525,600 minutes to just begin to trust again.  These days I get overly emotional and sensitive when someone looks at me the wrong way. I snap when I hear something that offends me the slightest bit and I can’t trust a man to save my life, as of right now.  But time and faith took control and is helping me grow each day.  I’m not actively looking to be with someone but I will always open my heart to new opportunities and keep my arms wide open.  I’m healing….

A lot can happen in 1 year. 2 years. 3 years. Or nothing can happen at all.  It’s all about what you make of it.  Don’t let the time pass you by.

Set goals. Follow up with them. Disrupt.  Innovate.  Inspire.  Make love. Make peace. Make a difference. ♥Samantha

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