Dear Christina & any children growing up,

Stay in school.  Study hard.  Love music.  Visit your grandparents. Don’t worry about boys.  Start working as soon as you can. Save your money at a young age.  Use credit wisely. Open up to your family.  Find passion in everything you do. Be silly. Be different.  Laugh.  Stay away from drugs. Go on that road trip.  Love with all your heart. Get a pet (or 5.) Simplify.

Growing up is not easy.  Everyone is wired differently but most go through an “I’m not good enough stage.” Some push through it, some don’t and are stuck in a never ending, self-conscious cycle for a lifetime. Weather you get to the point of pushing through it or not, always remember, you ARE good enough. You always have and you always will be.  The way society and the media views perfection is different than the way the most important people in your life view perfection. When your family (or friends) tries to pick you up when you are down, listen to them. Most of the time, they are right.  You are smart enough, you are pretty enough and you are funny enough.

Be a leader.  You will meet SO many people in your life. Don’t get stuck on a certain person or group of people, if they try to make you do things you don’t like or don’t feel comfortable doing. Stand up for yourself and do the right thing, always. Try to inspire people to follow or at least walk next to you.  Lead by example. Inspire.  Be humble.  The key to being a leader, is being vulnerable.

Stay in the moment. Not everything has to be captured on Snapchat or Instagram.  While its nice to have videos and pictures of the awesome show you went to, were you really capturing the full experience of that show because you were too busy making sure you put the best song lyric on the picture you took. I’m not saying you shouldn’t take a picture, it really does last longer.  But you might miss out on something really important or special because your head was buried in your IPhone.  I’m guilty of it myself, but lately I’ve been trying to just appreciate and fully experience whats happening in front of me at that moment.

Don’t ever let anyone crush your dreams. Go for what you want, ALWAYS. Don’t stop until your hunger is satisfied.  If you want to change your major 3 times before you find the right one, do it. Life is all about creating yourself and doing what makes you happy.  What gives someone the right to tell you that what you want to do with YOUR life is not enough?  Who has the right to tell you that your dreams won’t get you anywhere in life?  If it makes your happy (and you stay safe and healthy) DO IT.  Take up hobbies that you enjoy.  Sing, write, dance, volunteer. Do what makes you happy. Plan out your dreams and don’t ever stop pushing. All the hard work will pay off in the end if you have a vision to work toward.  I am by no means a life coach or anything of that nature, but I can certainly speak based off of experience.  

Don’t take life so seriously. Unless you drank from the fountain of youth ( I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that does not exist at this point ) you will not make it out alive. Hopefully, we live long and happy lives and do what makes us happy.  I always see this quote on social media and it really hits me hard because I’ve suffered from anxiety pretty much my whole life.

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

Now, this quote I was only introduced to recently by someone I admire very much and this happened to hit me just as hard. It’s something easy to remember. Short and sweet but gets the point across. If you find a quote that relates to you, remember it. When you feel stressed or feel anxiety come on, recite the quote in your head and 9/10 times, it will help you get out of whatever funk you are in.

“My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.”

This ties into Living in the moment. Why worry about something that you can’t control? It only makes the process harder for you and more disruptive.  Stay present and pay give the situation at hand your full attention. Laugh. Be flexible. Don’t be stubborn. Develop a sense of humor. Connect with people. And most of all, LOVE.


It’s pizza time. Catch ya on the flip-side ♥ Samantha


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