You Can Go & Love Yourself

Why is it that all we want is to find true love ? How come some of us are not completely satisfied with our lives unless we are constantly with someone that loves us? Our self worth is measured by likes and comments and “😘😍😜.” How did this happen? Where did we go wrong?

At some point, we stopped putting effort in loving ourselves and put one of our most important organs in the hands of someone else. Our hearts. Don’t get me wrong, we were put on this planet to do just that, but somewhere… someone got confused. It was taken to the extreme. I don’t mean to build a wall and shut everyone out. I mean, do the total opposite, but put yourself first. Love with open arms but protect yourself. If you love yourself, you’ll be able to spend time with yourself and not get bored. You’ll be able to go to the diner alone and not feel awkward because you know your in good company. Wake up every morning and tell yourself “I love YOU.” Have faith in YOURSELF. Don’t ever underestimate your capabilities. Screw what everyone else says or thinks about your dreams, goals, interests or hobbies. If you don’t support me…. BYEEEE.

Loving yourself is the key to happiness. Once you develop this self love, your anxiety’s and insecurities will come to an end. This another thing in the works for me right now, but everyday I get a little bit closer.

My brain- “Jeze, Samantha, all these big projects.”

Me- “Keep em comin!!”

❀️❀️With love, alwaysSamantha

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