Perfect Life

I think the biggest mistake we make as humans in general is being too hard on ourselves. We post funny, graceful pix on Instagram but are we really that smooth in real life ? I know I am (not). I cry, get angry, break down and get anxious. But I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.

Let me take you through a typical weekday, in my life. I’ll post some pictures also, this way we can compare the pictures to the actual scenario and see how suave I really am.

Alarm set for 5AM, 5:30AM, 6AM, 6:30AM and 7AM. Wakes up at 7:10AM. We’re already off to a great start. Jump in the shower, get out by 7:23AM and look at my phone to check the time and think to myself “Shit, I’m going to be late again. I guess I’m not doing my hair or makeup AGAIN.”  Moisturize, get dressed and comb hair QUICK.

Now, it’s time to wake up the beast, I mean angel.  “Christina……Christina…………….CHRISTINA” ( Sometimes I wake her up before my shower this way she already starts to wake up) Get her washed up and dressed. It’s now 7:35. I have to leave now if I want to make it to work on time. She didn’t even want to wake up on Halloween morning. What kid doesn’t want to get up on Halloween?

Key phrases in the morning-

“Can I watch TV?” No. But if you are good today, you can watch 1 TV show before bed”

“Can I have candy?” No. But there’s yogurt and cereal downstairs.

“Are we going to school?” Yes, we are.

“But I’m still tired, I want to sleep in your bed.” You can sleep in the car. We have a 35 minute drive.

“Where’s Nugget and Rocco?” In Annies room.

“Are you going to work?” Yes, I am.

These questions are asked and answered different words on an average of 2 times 3-each per morning.  My daughter is only 3 so patience is key. I use different tactics to get her up and out as quickly as possible and a majority of the time, it works.

I always plug my destination into Google Maps to see if there is any excessive traffic or alternate routes. Excessive traffic, who am I kidding, its Long Island, of course there is excessive traffic.  A typical morning commute takes about 35 minutes to get to Christina’s Pre-School and a 5-7 minute drop off, because she doesn’t want me to leave her and then a 15 minute drive to work, in extreme traffic. I try to leave my house an hour before my shift starts but typically it doesn’t work that way.

Once I get to work, I immediatly wonder whats for breakfast and inhale a cup of coffee. Then I scroll through Emails and updates. Then get my work day started. Non- stop after this. My head is spinning all day. Lunch starts to creep up real quickly and next thing I know, its time to close up and go do my evening commute.  I typically get out of work around 5PM these days and sit in my car just listening to some music for about 10 minutes before I continue with my crazy day. I recently transferred to a different department/location so traffic is even worse! “I’ll take the back roads today, it’ll be better than the LIE” Why would you so that girlfriend? There’s a detour and an accident within a mile of each other. At this point I’ve accepted the fact that it’s going to take a 15 minute drove, 35 minutes to get to. Turn up the music!

I get to Christinas school and go figure, she doesn’t want to leave. I have to chase her around the school just to get her jacket on because she has to say goodbye to everyone and just doesn’t want to leave. Finally I get her little coat on and she looks so cute, like a snow bunny.

Time to drive… again. 45 minutes home. OY! Dinner, bath, and bed. Well… I sing to Christina and tickle her to sleep almost every night. Call it what you want but it’s the only quality time I get to spend with her all week.

Sometimes I pass out before her. Sometimes I’m overtired and stay up writing until 2am. Sometimes it’s just average.

But hey, my life is perfect. In the end, every bit of craziness is worth it. I wouldn’t trade my life for the world.

❤️❤️ Keep on keeping on, Samantha

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